Over the years, JPC Controls has researched and developed skills in a number of different technologies.  Classically, customers come to us with product needs which require a mixture of these abilities.  What makes JPC their company of choice is that we can take their ideas from development to manufacturing.  Not only can we provide reliable hardware design, but exceptional software as well. 

JPC can meet your environmental and process controller needs, including flow control, pressure, humidity, temperature, resistivity timing, heating, cooling, and thermoelectric, just to name a few.   JPC can meet your communication needs, including interfaces, ethernet, RS232, RS485, RS422, GPIB (IEEE-488), Device Net, SECSII and Applied Materials CHX, with new options being researched all the time. 

Custom projects take your needs and all of this developed knowledge and design unique products for you, utilizing previously developed technologies. 

Most of our units are microprocessor based, which utilize unique assembly-level programming for maximum performance.  Our in-house software department creates, tests and maintains these programs.  JPC handle all kinds of displays, from LEDs to touch screens.  Our units come in all shapes and sizes, with and without enclosures and graphics, and range in price from $25 to thousands of dollars.  We can create everything from simple remote keypads to interfacing, multiple-controller complex systems.  

JPC has in-house capabilities for R&D, Programming, Plastic/Sheet Metal Enclosure Creation, Faceplate/Graphic Production, Assembly, Manual Creation, Packaging and more.  All allowing us to practically provide Prototypes and Low-Volume Orders, in addition to Blanket and Volume Orders. 

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All your Private Engineering Department needs in-house and ready to create the controllers you desire and more! 

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