Description and Features

The HPC family of Heater Power Controllers provides self contained power switching for electric heater applications.  They may be controlled by many types of external temperature control systems.  All that is necessary is a time proportioned On/Off signal.  The power output will follow the signal and automatically be Zero Cross synchronized to minimize switching noise.  The control lines are optically isolated from the power.

All Heater Power Controllers generate heat.  This family of units eliminates the need to cool the enclosure due to this heat by passing it to the outside via the integral heat sink.  The heat sink is mounted through the enclosure wall and thus dissipates the heat externally.  A gasket is provided to insure a tight enclosure seal after mounting.

The HPC family is unique in that it minimizes installation time by grouping power controllers on to one heat sink.  Each is an independent controller, with its own set of terminal blocks.

For ease of servicing, each of the SSRs may be replaced without removing the heat sink from the enclosure.  Each SSR has a protective clear plastic cover over the wiring terminals.

The terminal blocks provide a separate wiring point for each wire, eliminating the need for multiple wires in a terminal block.  

The single phase units use a one line break system, having one Solid State Relay per heater. The three phase units use a two line break system, having two Solid State Relays per heater.  The unswitched line is passed through from L2 to H2 (single phase) or L3 to H3 (three phase) for ease of wiring.  There are models available in all standard voltages.

From 1 to 6 SSRs may be mounted on the 3 basic heatsink sizes.  In single phase units this allows up to 6 independent controllers.  In the three phase units this allows up to 3 independent controllers.

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Available Models

Single Phase Controllers


Three Phase Controllers

There are optional radiused corners on the heatsink for applications where sharp corners could be a problem.  (Specify with -R suffix.)

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